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No visit to Tanzania would be complete without a safari. The rich abundance of wildlife in the national parks and reserves deserves every superlative.

Ashford Tours will give you a unique opportunity to interact with some of the world’s most magnificent animals on an intimate level in stunning natural scenery that will surpass your wildest dreams. Here, you will feel the essence of Out of Africa.

The modern safari involves a visit to one or several wildlife parks or sanctuaries. Depending on the selected itinerary, a safari usually takes between three and twelve days.

You will drive a 4WD safari vehicle equipped with a specially designed open panoramic roof, allowing you to stand in the vehicle to take pictures or to shoot video footage.

You will be accompanied by a highly skilled and experienced personal guide. Carefully selected by Ashford Tours, these guides are all, without exception, excellent drivers who speak English fluently and possess a wealth of knowledge on the natural flora and fauna in the area.

You can decide who you want to include in your tour group. Young children are welcome too. With respect to overnight accommodation, you have a choice between the adventures of the so-called ‘tented camps’, which are really quite lavishly furnished lodges. Don’t be deceived by the canvas walls; these tented camps offer all modern amenities, including private bathroom facilities. But most of all, they offer you the joys of the unparalleled traditional safari atmosphere. Or comfort at its finest in a luxury hotel.