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We agree with any serious traveler that the experience of an Africa safari must be one of life's great adventures. AFRICA! - The tawny continent, lies stretched before you in all its wildness, splendor and hope. Its future is shrouded in mystery, its past is written in legend.......Ashford Tours and Travel Ltd will take you for a safari to experience the present Africa! Karibu Africa!

We specialize in all aspects of African safaris including Wildlife safaris, Family vacation safaris, Honeymoon safaris, incentive travel safaris, Mountain Hiking Adventure ……………….and the list is longer.

Away from home, Ashford Tours will not compromise your comfort. Based on the type of safari you choose, we will accommodate you in some of our widely selected range of facilities.

As is always the case with Ashford Tours and Travel, you'll find the best itineraries and information for African safaris on this site. And when you contact the Company's safari experts, you will find out how good our rates are, how efficient the associates are and finally when you decide to travel with us, you will find out how experienced the safari guides are.

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